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About Second Skin

Second Skin strives to achieve one primary goal - to provide the best car sound deadening products in the world.

Based in South Africa, Second Skin caters to a broad range of road users. From those restoring a classic muscle car to drivers building a car audio system that can be heard over the sounds of the road, or even those seeking the silent hum of a luxury vehicle, we provide products that work. Our range of automotive sound dampening products is designed to suit every requirement, ensuring a time and cost effective way to reduce vehicle noise.

With a reliable and effective sound blocker, your driving experience is taken to a whole new level. Music won't be drowned in exhaust drone, passengers can talk without shouting and you will feel all of the luxury of a quiet vehicle. Thermal insulation also helps to regulate your car's temperature, preventing heat from the engine creeping into the interior of your car.

Effective Car Soundproofing Solutions

Many companies claim to offer car soundproofing products that work, but in reality a large percentage of these companies use insulation that is designed for buildings rather than vehicles. Second Skin develops products that are made for cars, using high quality absorption materials that reduce noise significantly. All products are designed from the ground up, ensuring a high level of excellence in each and every product we sell. Our primary product categories include:

  • Vibration Dampers – reduce the vibrations caused by your car's engine and exhaust with a reliable damper mat that can easily be placed onto your car's sheet metal.
  • Noise Barriers – take out all of the external noise such as traffic, road and other outdoor interferences with a high quality noise barrier.
  • Thermal Insulation – not only do these products reduce noise, they also protect your car and passengers from heat caused by the engine.
  • Tools – along with our primary products, we also offer a range of tools that help you install your sound-busters in no time at all.

We do not only provide noise reduction for cars either – our products can also be used on boats, home appliances such as washing machines and even computer systems. All of our products can easily be installed yourself if you choose DIY options, or you can have them installed by a reputable car audio installation company.

Second Skin provides the most affordable products without compromising on quality. Through our bulk imports, we are able to offer excellent deals on sound barrier products for your vehicle. From fabrics to foam, spray paint and other tools, we provide all of the products needed for your panels, boards and other areas affected by sound.

Second Skin is the leading car soundproofing company within South Africa and abroad. Contact us today to find out how we can help you greatly reduce vibrations, engine noise, exhaust drone and even airborne noises, for a smooth and silent driving experience.