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Spectrum™ is a water based under coating designed to reduce sheet metal resonance and structure borne noise. It is a true visceolastic sound deadener that can make any vehicle quiet as a luxury car

More details

Spectrum is a fantastic water-based coat type noise and resonance reducer, one that can easily be painted on to sheet metal, like the sheet metal found behind a car’s under board upholstery.

Spectrum uses a coat that is formulated with a special, cryogenic activated polymer mesh that also provides an intense heat barrier, capable of providing noise and resonance reduction that you can only otherwise see in high-end luxury cars, made for a sophisticated crowd.

Tests have consistently shown that a single coating of the Spectrum water based coating is enough to produce noise and vibration reduction that is 300% more efficient than the vibration and sound protection provided by traditional, heavy, difficult to install sound dampeners like tar boards and OEM dampers.

  • Wet Gallon Weight 4.76 kg
  • Cured Gallon Weight 4.76 kg
  • Coverage 3.79 litres (1 gallon) covers 3.72 square meters at 1mm thick

To understand how Spectrum can provide you luxury-car like quiet, you must understand how “road noise” is developed. When you operate your car, the engine, the tire’s traction with the road and even the exhaust all emit strong vibrations that carry sound waves. When left unchecked, these vibrations creep into the car, through the sheet metal underside that most cars have.

However, when the sheet metal on the underside of the car is coated with Spectrum, it prevents the sheet metal from succumbing to vibrations, thereby resulting in excellent sound and vibration reduction. Spectrum even offers anti-corrosion protection to your car’s sheet metal! When coupled with an extra added layer of sound protection like Luxury Liner Pro, you can expect a blissful level of silence in your car, even when doing 120 kph on a not so good stretch of highway!*

If you have an aftermarket, sound system, then you know that a lot of the musical energy is spent, and even wasted by vibrating and flexing your cars metal panels. Not only are these vibrations loud and obnoxious, but they also limit the potential of your stereo systems output

Spectrum will help improve your audio system in several ways.

Since it is a vibration damper it will obviously reduce the panel vibration caused from your speakers allowing your music to sound clearer. It also strengthens the cars panels helping to "trap" the bass in your car.

With stronger, non flexing panels, the energy is no longer being wasted and stays inside the car, making your music louder, clearer and less obnoxious to those around you.

Another way Spectrum improves your audio system is by reducing ambient sound like road noise, engine noise & exhaust drone. When you can quiet down the rest of the car, the stereo has less sonic real estate to fight for, and the perceived volume increases.

Even if you are using one of our vibration mats, Damplifier or Damplifier Pro, you can still stand to gain from a gallon or 2 of Spectrum. Adding as little as 1 gallon to to the areas of the car you are unable to reach with your damping mats, can help in increase surface coverage by as much as 15%.

Anything you place in front of a heat source will help reduce or slow down the heat. Spectrum will help reduce heat to a small degree but is not specifically designed to do so. Any heat reduction noticed from Spectrum is purely a side benefit, not an intended result.

If you are looking for thermal insulation, check out our Thermal Block or Luxury Liner Pro is also a great thermal insulator. Alternatively, one of our self adhesive insulation mats; Damplifier or Damplifier Pro.

What is the difference between Spectrum & Sludge?
Spectrum and Sludge are nearly identical products. The only difference is the viscosity. Spectrum has the consistency of heavy chocolate syrup and is easy to spray, brush or roll on. 
Sludge has the consistency of peanut butter and is too thick to spray, but can easily be applied with a putty knife, trowel or paint brush. Due to the ultra viscous nature of Sludge, only one thick coat is needed, making it better for quick and easy installs.
Once cured the products will perform exactly the same, weigh the same and will look nearly identical.

How long does Spectrum take to cure?
like allL water based products Spectrum will take 30 full days to cure but will be dry to the touch in 30-60 minutes depending on the ambient temperature and humidity.

When can I put my upholstery back in place?
We suggest that you allow a minimum of 2 days for Spectrum to dry before reinstalling your upholstery. 

What is better, Spectrum or Damplifier Pro?

Both products are designed to do the same basic function. Reduce noise through the reduction of vibrations. Both have their place, and both excel at specific frequency ranges. This is why we suggest using a combination of damping mat and coatings.

We suggest using Damplifier Pro as your base foundation inside the car, on all the panels hidden by upholstery, then use Spectrum in the hard to reach spots. (A single gallon can increase surface coverage by as much as 15% in a moderate size car which can mean a large reduction in unwanted noise.

Then use the Spectrum independently as and undercoating on the underside of the cars floor pan. This will sandwich the sheet metal floor between Damplifier Pro & Spectrum, allowing for the ultimate approach in vibration deadening.