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Mega Zorbe (Peel-n-Stick)

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This is an enhanced version of melamine foam with exceptional water-resistance properties maintaining all other key attributes for sound deadening with a peel-n-stick side.

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Mega’Zorbe Hydrophobic Melamine Foam (With self-adhesive backing) is an enhanced version of melamine foam with exceptional water-resistance properties maintaining all other key attributes for sound deadening. Mega’Zorbe is extremely lightweight and flexible. The open cell surface allows sound waves to penetrate the foam and not reflect as an echo. Recommended for both acoustical and thermal insulation in aircraft, aerospace, marine, automotive, and architectural applications. Mega’Zorbe is resistant to most organic solvents and is an aerospace grade product. 

Applications include ceilings, doors, trunk lids, etc. This product is not recommended for use in engine bays or near heat sources. Check out Mega’Block Hydrophobic Foam for high heat applications.

Mega’Zorbe is designed and manufactured in Germany with the proprietary hydrophobic process being completed in the USA. Mega'Zorbe melamine foam is eco-friendly, produced without using halogenated hydrocarbons and/or toxic heavy metal flame retardants. (*Nitrogen is used to create flame resistance). The products light weight characteristic reduces weight contributing to energy savings thus reducing emissions. 


  • Temperature Range: -300°F to +356°F; intermittent to +492°F
  • Easy Peel and Stick application with high temperature adhesive
  • Flammability: UL94 V-0, FAR 25.856,8557365
  • K factor of 0.25 at 68°F
  • Extremely lightweight and flexible
  • Floats indefinitely in water; water streams bead-up on surface and roll-off
  • Meets all aircraft (FAA, BSS, etc.), HVAC, automotive, and transportation (rail) flame, smoke, and toxicity standards


Hydrophobic Melamine Foam Characteristics:
Density: ASTM D-3574 0.56 lbs/ft³ +/- 15%
Tensile Strength: ASTM D-3574 15 lbs/in2, min
Elongation: ASTM D-3574 39 % nominal
Compression Set: ASTM D-3574 10 %, max
Indentation Force Deflection: ASTM D-3574 90 lbs/50 in2, max
Thermal Conductivity: ASTM C-518 0.24 BTU-in/ft²-hr-°F at 75°F
Temperature Range: -300°F to +356°F, intermittent to +400°F
Water Absorption: ASTM D2842, B <1.5% after 15 mins <4% after 96 hrs
PSA (Adhesive) Temperature Range: -40°F to 450°F 



Flammability Ratings:Description:  Rating:
UL 94 HF-1Horizontal BurningPass
UL 94 V-0Vertical BurningPass
FAR 25.853 (a, i)60 Sec Vertical

Burn Time (Avg): 0 Seconds
Burn Length (Avg): 2”
Drip Extinguish Time: No Drip

FAR 25.856, BSS7365, AITM 2.0053 Radiant Panel 

After Flame: 0 Seconds
Flame Propagation: < 1”

ASTM 662-83, BSS7238Smoke Generation

Flaming: Ds (1.5 min) = 57 
Ds (4.0 min) = 77 

BSS7239                                    Toxicity                                    Pass
ASTM E 84Steiner Tunnel, 1inch thick

Flame Spread < 25
Smoke Developed < 50

ASTM E 162-83Surface Flammability

Flame Spread factor 1.83
Heat Evolution factor 2.50
Flame Spread index 4.62

DIN 5510 

Flammability: S4
Smoke: SR2
Drips: ST2

Acoustical Properties:
Per ASTM E1050, randomized acoustical absorption coefficients at various thicknesses and frequencies.

Frequency (Hz)
Foam Thickness:125 2505001K2K4K
0.25 in.4510203981
0.50 in.111225427794
1.0 in.182350829999
2.0 in.31607590100100
3.0 in.42678196100100
4.0 in.53809099100100
  • Sheet Width 61cm
  • Sheet Length 61cm
  • Sheet Thickness 1.2cm
  • Coverage 0.3721m²