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We designed Damplifier to compete against the best and most popular constraint layer dampers (CLD) the industry has to offer while weighing and costing much less! Compare the weight & foil thickness to everything else, and you will see, Damplifier is the best automotive sound deadening value in its class!

More details

Damplifier is easily one of the best, if not the best self-adhesive CLD dampeners available in the market today. Besides being extremely effective, it is extremely easy to use, with a simple cut-peel-stick process that will only take you minutes at the most! With premium butyl rubber, a thicker foil constraint layer, and comparable overall thickness to other top brands’ flagship product, Damplifier premium rubber mats are the best value on the market. We’ve done the research. Deaden metal and kill structural vibrations, noise, and heat with the best value in sound deadening.

Whether you are looking to damp out noise in your custom built street rod or if you are just trying to enhance your car’s audio experience, with significantly reduced road noise, Damplifier Pro is the best sound deadener that money can buy. Here are more specific reasons as to why.

The thickest black foil – The USP of this dampener is the super-thick black foil that is used. With thickness that is almost twice that of what you will find in normal CLD dampeners and deadeners, it is no surprise that sound and vibration control is excellent, accompanied by ultra-effective heat dissipation.

Rugged, industrial strength adhesive – While there are some CLD deadeners that can match Damplifier’s foil thickness, none even come close to matching the high quality adhesive used in Damplifier. Damplifier’s heavy duty butyl rubber adhesive has almost 0% filler content, leading to a grip and set that lasts long and also drowns out sound and vibrations like no other product in the market.

Heavy, thick & strong, all around – Damplifier was made to outdo other value CLD deadeners and vibration dampeners in every which way possible. As a result, it is not just thicker, but heavier and made of stronger materials as well, giving you significantly improved noise and vibration protection that is better than competitor products, even competitor products that are almost twice as expensive as Damplifier.

Damplifier is simply THE best value CLD sound deadener, built heavy, strong and durably, at a price that gives you fantastic value for your money.

  • - High temperature butyl rubber adhesive – insist on more rubber and less filler!
  • - Ultra-thick, annealed black foil with a ghosted logo
  • - 1mm total thickness (40 mils)
  • - Each sheet is 12” x 24” (2 sq ft) and weighs about 0.35 lbs / sq ft
  • - Thermal range: -75°F to 450°F (roughly -59°C to 232°C) – will not melt, out gas, or fall off
  • - Deadens any sheet metal, aluminum, or prepared fiberglass
  • - Made in the USA
  • - Say NO to asphalt! Say NO to rolls of roofing materials! Insist on premium Second Skin products for your vehicle.
  • Sheet Thickness 2 mm total thickness
  • Sheet Mass / Area 30.48 cm x 50.8 cm (0.16 square meters)
  • Sheet Weight 2.93 kgs per square meter +/- 5%
  • Box 20 Sheets